Video Proves Superior Carpet Cleaning Method

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Video Proves Which Cleaning Method
Carpet Manufacturer’s Prefer

Have you seen this video? Mohawk Carpeting made a video touting their new SmartStrand carpets. They laid down carpet in the pens of several zoo animals at the Dallas Zoo—elephants, rhinos and camels—and let the animals do what they naturally do. Yes, that means urinate, defecate, trample and track in mud and dirt onto the carpets. And they did it for three weeks! You can imagine how ruined a carpet would be with a pachyderm putting its full weight onto it over a three week period. Of course, rhinos and camels are no lightweights, either! Not only did the animals trample the carpets, they trampled their waste into them, too. The zookeepers didn’t think the carpets would stand a chance of ever getting cleaned. Thus, the Mohawk Zoo Challenge!

SmartStrand Technology Withstands Weight of Animals

DuPont, the parent company of Mohawk, has developed a new way of manufacturing carpet fibers. Instead of standing straight up like the typical carpet fiber does, the SmartStrand is made into a zigzag coil, which is designed to spring back even when heavy weight is applied over and over. After three weeks of being trampled by elephants, rhinos and camels, the carpet strands sprang back to life! If the carpet can go through that punishment, it can probably withstand your furniture. At least that is what Mohawk is banking on!

Did the Carpets Get Clean?

Surviving being trampled on by large zoo animals is all fine and good, but were the demonstrators able to clean the carpets? According to the zoo keepers in the video, yes, they were! The before and after images are shocking, to say the least. The carpets were soiled beyond belief. To make the demonstration even better, Mohawk had the carpets cleaned using standard carpet cleaning methods. No harsh detergents or chemicals were used, only hot water extraction (steam) cleaning and, naturally, Mohawk’s brand of cleaning solution which is readily available for anyone. The carpets were not only cleaned, they were cleaned easily! So what method of cleaning carpets does Mohawk recommend? Is it chem-dry? No. It’s steam cleaning, the method that Cline Services uses and has always used.

Steam Cleaning Works for Pets, Too!

Of course, Charlotte, NC has laws against owning wild animals. However, even though you may not own a rhino and allow it inside to soil your carpeting, you may have companion animals who can give a zoo animal a run for its money! If you want your carpets cleaned the way that carpet manufacturers recommend, then contact Chip at Cline Services today!

Cline Services does not endorse SmartStrand carpet or in any way gets any compensation. Just thought the video was cool and shows which method of cleaning a leading carpet manufacturer prefers.

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  1. [...] In a previous post, a video showed how easily a certain brand of carpet could be cleaned even after being soiled and trampled by zoo animals for three weeks. Professional cleaners were called in and they used hot water extraction (steam) cleaning to clean the carpets. And clean the carpet they did! However, they used a lot of water during their cleaning and sloshed that water all over the place. Very unprofessional! Now, admittedly, perhaps they needed to use that amount of water to clean elephant dung that had been mashed into carpeting for a three week period, but that detracted from the effectiveness of the video. In your home, Cline Services would never over-wet your carpets! [...]

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