Cline Services Charlotte Area Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpet Are you tired of the games most carpet cleaners play? You know, the ridiculous, super low, foot-in-the-door price just so they can bait and switch you once they’re inside your home? Then comes the arm twisting, the pressure sales tactics, the relentless you-need-this, you-need-that.

If so, you’ve come to the right place! As always, Cline Services offers:

  • NO ridiculous super low foot-in-the-door prices
  • NO bait-and-switch methods.
  • NO deep scrub gimmick
  • NO arm twisting selling
  • NO charge for phone quotes
  • NO harsh chemicals
  • NO use of your electricity or hot water
  • NO extra charge for standard deodorizer
  • NO extra charge for berber
  • NO phony “sales”
  • NO coupon hoops to jump through
  • NO extra charge to move sofas, chairs, normal furniture in living areas
  • NO extra charge for “better” method—ONE COMPLETE DEAL

Supreme Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte area homes and businesses

Cline Services Carpet Cleaning serves the greater Charlotte area, both residential and commercial. Whether you have some “oops!” to clean or you need your business to look spic and span for that upcoming meeting with that important client the next morning, Cline Services Carpet Cleaning is here to serve! With truck-mounted steam cleaning, you get the best cleaning treatment for your carpets with no inferior dry treatments offered.

Ready to get started? Contact Cline Services for cleaner carpets today!