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The pollen appears to be finally gone, for the most part, in the Charlotte area. (Where's the rain?!) But you might not believe how much pollen your family (especially the four-legged ones) have brought in over the last few weeks. A good cleaning of the carpets and/or upholstery by Chip Cline of Cline Services carpet cleaning in the Charlotte area will do wonders for your indoor air quality. Give us a call at 704/621-6208 to get a custom, no-obligation quote. Thanks! Chip

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“…Always Owner-Operated.”

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I recently spent a total of over EIGHT hours on the phone and chat with the cable company to resolve a minor billing issue. Even though I was armed with a ton of account numbers, cable representative phone extension numbers, trouble ticket numbers, and chat transcripts, I still got passed around. One conversation was two and a half hours long to the Philippines.

When you get carpet cleaning in the Charlotte area with Cline Services, you deal directly with me, Chip Cline, the owner. You are treated as a valued customer, not a number. A person.

(And most customers pay less to have all the carpet in their house cleaned than a month's cable package!)

Thanks, Chip.

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