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March 3, 2013 by
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Did Your Last Carpet Cleaner Talk More
on His Cell Phone Than Clean?

Is there anything more annoying than someone talking on a cell phone in a restaurant? Or perhaps the line at the bank? OK, perhaps most of us have been guilty of one of these at least once, but hopefully most of us don’t take calls all the time. After all, Charlotte, NC is a Southern city and we Southerners supposedly have manners. For some reason, however, small business people in particular tend to take calls everywhere.

Taking Cell Phone Calls Is Not Good Business

While trying to provide good customer service to everyone, a one person shop will often take calls as soon the phone rings. However, by taking calls on the job, is this providing good customer service to the most important person—the current client? Think about it from the customer’s point of view. Wouldn’t you want your carpet cleaning guru to concentrate on the present job rather than trying to multi-task handling questions from other customers or booking appointments? Just how attentive to stains or proper carpet care can someone be if they are chatting on a cell phone? Would you trust them with your upholstery cleaning? Or even to clean a mattress?

What’s worse is when a cleaner tries to answer customer questions or complaints while supposedly working. Can you imagine how focused on your job—the one currently being paid for—a cleaner will be if handling a complaint? Small wonder that cleaner would get complaints if the focus is on anything but the current task. By trying to provide instantaneous service to everyone, this cleaner is providing good service to no one!

Cline Services Stays Focused

Cline Services does stay busy. Calls will come through. However, Chip focuses on the task at hand and makes sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned before he answers a call. Chip will wait to take his calls in his truck rather than subject you to his business dealings. It’s common cell phone courtesy. It’s professional. And it’s good business.

Please make exceptions for family emergencies. These are rare, but they can happen to anyone.

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