Charlotte Area Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Oh, oh! Did your preschooler decide to use the highlighter on your brand new carpet? Did that adorable new puppy decide that the berber serves the same purpose as his special spot outside? Has your beloved 17 year old kitty lost her battle with incontinence just days before the bridge game at your house? Some of your guests at the dinner party get a little too happy with the wine and spill it on that nice, cream-colored carpet you just bought? Did the church social at your place turn into a spill-fest of chocolate and cola? Sounds like a job for Cline Services!

Pet Stain Remover

Cline Services Carpet Cleaning offers the very best in pet stain and pet odor removal from your carpets. No stain is too tough! Urine, fecal and that unidentifiable mess that only a dog is capable of is no match for Cline Services Carpet Cleaning! Get your no-hassle, free quote today! Please note: If the carpet is bleached, it MAY require a color repair. That's rare. Basically, if Chip can't get it out, it's not coming out. He offers the absolute latest in products and training.

Red Stain Removal

As with other tough to remove stains, Cline Services carries the latest in red stain removal products. These help remove inorganic dye stains from drinks such as Kool-Aid and other artificially colored foods/drinks, medicine, Play-Doh, highlighter, etc. Ask for details when you call.