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March 5, 2013 by

Why Over-Wet Carpets While Cleaning?

In a previous post, a video showed how easily a certain brand of carpet could be cleaned even after being soiled and trampled by zoo animals for three weeks. Professional cleaners were called in and they used hot water extraction (steam) cleaning to clean the carpets. And clean the carpet they did! However, they used a lot of water during their cleaning and sloshed that water all over the place. Very unprofessional! Now, admittedly, perhaps they needed to use that amount of water to clean elephant dung that had been mashed into carpeting for a three week period, but that detracted from the effectiveness of the video. In your home, Cline Services would never over-wet your carpets!

Contrast the previous video with a video Cline Services made on the subject of over-saturating during cleaning.

You can see from this video just how little water is used and still the carpet is cleaned! This is the difference between a cut-rate carpet cleaner and a true professional. Someone who knows what he or she is doing doesn’t need to use an olympic-sized pool’s worth of water on your carpets! Steam cleaning can be fast-drying—depending on conditions—and is the preferred method of cleaning of every US carpet manufacturer.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business in the Charlotte, NC vicinity that needs your carpets professionally cleaned, you can count on Cline Services to provide you with reliable service at a competitive price! Your carpets won’t mildew due to over-saturation and you won’t have to wait forever before you can walk on them, either. Don’t bet your carpet investment on fly-by-night, cut-rate services or foot-in-the-door salesmen who just want to see you extras. Your carpet is a major investment in your home or business and needs to be maintained by a quality-orented professional service. Cline Services has been in the carpet business for decades and knows the industry through and through. Contact Chip today for an appointment. Your water bill won’t suffer!

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