Now Accepting Visa and MasterCard

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Cline Services Now Accepts Visa and
MasterCard for Your Convenience

Visa and MasterCard logosYour child has returned home from preschool. She is excited about her day and chatters with you non-stop. You kindly engage the bundle of energy and pour her a glass of her favorite drink. What’s that? Oh, the phone. Better get that. Your little darling still wants to chat but you can’t talk to her and whoever is on the phone at the same time, so you shoo her away. After hanging up the phone, you call for her. Sheepishly, your once chatty little darling comes in with her pouty face. And she is coming from the living room. Oh, no! The very place where you’ve told her a thousand times not to go with food or drink! Your child just spilled an entire glass of Kool-Aid on your living room carpet!

Trust Your Carpets to Local Yokels?

Frantically, you try to blot it up. You can get up most of it but that tell-tale stain is still there. Naturally, out of town guests are coming this weekend. No other option, the carpets need to be professionally cleaned and quick! You look on CraigsList and find many, many listings for carpet cleaners. Unfortunately, most of them follow the CRAP business model and, though they are dirt cheap, they don’t accept credit cards. Strictly cash-only operations. Hm, doesn’t exactly strike the right chord, does it? If they can’t even accept debit cards, how established can their business be? The carpet cost a small fortune to begin with, should you trust a carpet cleaning business that only accepts cash to do the job right? Probably not. Let’s try another option.

The National Brands Have to Pay for Their Commercials Somehow

Let’s see…do a search online for Charlotte carpet cleaners and… oh, boy. Another slew of choices. Ah, here are some listings of national, established brands! You give them a call and every last one of them is answered by a sales person. Sure, they can accept your Visa card, but then they try to upsell you with add-on after annoying add-on! Oh, and there will be a rush charge since you didn’t book an appointment well in advance. What to do?

Cline Services Can Help You

Lucky for you, there is a solution! Cline Services is well-established, competent, and accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards for your convenience! Cline Services has been in the carpet business as both a retailer and now as a professional carpet cleaner for years. Well known in the area, you can rest assured that Cline Services, LLC Carpet Cleaning isn’t a fly-by-night, cut-rate cleaner that will be out of business the next time you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned.

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