Cut Rate Carpet Cleaning

July 24, 2012 by

Is this really what you want?

Unfortunately, it’s true. Many carpet cleaners in the Charlotte area (and elsewhere, for that matter!) follow the Cut Rate Advertised Price business model. Look carefully at that title and see what it stands for! Essentially, due to a faltering economy, fierce competition, bad business sense—pick your excuse—too many carpet cleaning companies cut their rates so low to get your business that they actually cut their profit margin and often even lose money. “So what?” you may ask yourself. “Sounds like a deal for me!” Before you get too excited about getting your carpets cleaned at a bargain basement price, ask yourself this. How apt are businesses to do a good job if they know they are losing their shirt on the deal?

Cut Rate Coupons

No coupon hassle with Cline Services!

Carpet Cleaning Priced Right—No Hassle, No Gimmick Sales Tactics

Have you been burned by a cut rate carpet cleaner? Many have. Sometimes the job they do is shoddy. Sometimes the guys the company sends over look like they just got out of prison. Often, a fast-talking salesperson will give you a bargain price, but it doesn’t cover everything you need done. It’s then that you get the true cost! What you originally thought was a deal now turns into an ordeal! It doesn’t have to be that way. Cline Services has a no-gimmick, no hassle business philosophy. Cline Services will give you a quote on one complete deal, not some fancy but confusing package which may or may not be in your best interest.

Ever had a bad experience with a cut rate carpet cleaner?

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