Steam the Sweat Out

February 8, 2013 by

Sticking with that New Year’s Resolution?

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Wishful thinking

New Year’s Eve. You have a little bubbly—ok, a lot of bubbly—and you resolve to get back in shape this year. Yeah, really this time! An infomercial comes on TV telling you that you can get in the best shape of your life by ordering NOW! You whip out that credit card and order your exercise DVDs. Hey, they’re even throwing in FREE shipping! In 10–14 days, you receive your program in the mail. Woohoo! Time to get ripped! Where to exercise, though? Need to be near a TV or monitor of some sort, but also need some room to move. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have some carpeting underfoot so as not to jar the joints too much. Ah, the rec room is perfect!

Day One: Ooh, this workout is tough. Guess that X in the name really does stand for “extreme”! Haven’t sweated like this since high school wrestling practice! Have to do this for an hour? Won’t that DVD ever come to an end?

Week Two: Made it through that first week! Still sore from head to toe, even after a rest day! Good thing that floor is carpeted. All that jumping around…

Week Four: This is the recovery week? Even the yoga workout is a sweat-fest! That carpet is looking a little rough. What’s that smell?

Week Six: OK, forget this. There has to be an easier way! Hm, wonder why even the dog won’t come near this workout room?

The significant other has laid down the law. That workout room smells to high heaven and the carpet is flattened into a body shape right in front of the television set! Get rid of that smell and fluff that carpet back out…immediately!

What to do, what to do? Let’s see, need to find a professional carpet cleaner. Should have lots of experience, too. Needs to accept credit or debit cards. Ah, here’s one! Cline Services…and he even has a Facebook page! How cool is that? By golly, he even tweets! Problem solved! Well, except for that getting back into shape thing…



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