Bottom Feeders

March 7, 2013 by

Image of chick going Cheap! Cheap!There’s a Crowd at the Bottom

If you’ve done a search lately for Charlotte, NC carpet cleaners, you’ve no doubt found a lot of listings! Same goes for CraigsList. There are a lot of cleaners all shouting the same thing, “Hire us! We’re the cheapest!” Have you noticed how crowded it is at the bottom? If all of these cleaners are doing their level best to show who is cheapest, you have to ask yourself why. As we all know, cheap doesn’t equate to quality. If a business offers a service based solely on the fact that it’s practically given away, then what does that say about the quality of that service? 

Think about it. Your home is the single largest investment for most families. Your carpeting is a major investment in your home. The carpeting in your home needs proper care and maintenance, just as does any other major investment like an automobile or boat. Sure, you don’t want to be over-charged, but you shouldn’t go cut-rate either. Not if you care about the quality and attention to detail that a proper professional can give.

Ask yourself why there are so many cleaners at the bottom. Did they just buy some equipment and decide to go into business all of a sudden? If all they can offer is a cut-rate price, what kind of service can you expect? What kind of problems might arise? What if you have a special circumstance like a particularly stubborn stain? Either that cut-rate price is going to sky-rocket or the cleaner isn’t going to be able to handle the job. Or worse yet, the cheap carpet cleaner will try to fix your problem and end up ruining your carpet. Do you want a quicker drying time? Cheap-o carpet cleaners almost always over-saturate carpeting, leaving you with a wet mess that will take forever to dry.

Wouldn’t you rather trust your carpeting to a true professional? Someone trained and experienced? Someone familiar with the carpeting industry? That’s what you’ll get when you hire Cline Services. Chip has been in business for 20 years. He isn’t going anywhere. He has owned and operated his carpet cleaning service in the Charlotte vicinity the entire time. Charlotte area residents and businesses have grown to know and trust Cline Services over the years. You’ll get a fair price with no up-selling or bait-and-switch tactics. You won’t have to pay for TV or radio ads as you do with larger companies. Trust your home’s carpeting to an experienced service that gets the job done right and charges a fair, competitive price. Don’t go for the bottom-feeders.

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