Are there contaminants in your carpet?

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Day Care imageAttention Charlotte Day Care Operators and Parents

Do you own and operate a day care facility? Or are you a parent with small children and perhaps haven’t had your carpets cleaned in awhile? Obviously, no one is trying to be alarmist here, but you really should take some time to consider the safety of your children if they are crawling around or playing on dirty, soiled carpet. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene1, it is difficult, if not impossible, to remove carpet contaminants, including lead, with vacuuming alone. What did the study conclude was the best way to remove contaminants from carpet? Steam cleaning, which happens to be the method used by Cline Services Carpet Cleaning!

Why Steam Cleaning for Carpets?

Cline Services Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte offers only the best. After all, your carpets are quite an investment, so you should make sure they receive the best treatment! Steam cleaning your carpets will remove allergens, pollutants, and in some cases harsh chemicals1. Besides, the steam cleaning carpet cleaning method employed by Cline Services is recommended by every leading carpet manufacturer. It’s safe for pets and children, too!

Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions, too!

Obviously, you want the children to be safe from chemicals, so why not treat your carpets to a green seal certified product line? Cline Services offers a complete line of green carpet cleaning products offering superior performance.

Clean the Carpets for the Kids

Let’s face it. Carpets get dirty, and with kids playing on them, they get dirty quick! However, you can keep the kids’ environment as safe as possible by contacting Cline Services, LLC to clean your carpets today!


1. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 5: 94–99.

Lih-Ming Yiin, Chang Ho Yu, Peter Ashley, and George Rhoads

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