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The pollen appears to be finally gone, for the most part, in the Charlotte area. (Where's the rain?!) But you might not believe how much pollen your family (especially the four-legged ones) have brought in over the last few weeks. A good cleaning of the carpets and/or upholstery by Chip Cline of Cline Services carpet cleaning in the Charlotte area will do wonders for your indoor air quality. Give us a call at 704/621-6208 to get a custom, no-obligation quote. Thanks! Chip

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Empty properties and owner-operated carpet cleaners

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You may ask- "What difference does it make when having carpet cleaned in 'just a rental property' if I use a big company or an owner-operated company?"

Answer: motivation. If you're using someone employed by a large company you're having someone come to the house or building who is working on commission- a basic commission. Commissioned cleaners make their money on UPSALES. That's why when they are in your house or place of business they are always pointing out ways to run up the bill. (Many companies work this way as a way to motivate employees to run up the tab. Ever taken your car in for an oil change without them finding something else that needs to be purchased? And a good wait staff at a restaurant will always push for more to increase the tip)

My point is, if you are moving from a house, or have a rental that needs to be cleaned, and there's little or no chance for upsales (landlord's rarely buy carpet protector because they're just going to clean it again when the tenant moves out) the commissioned carpet cleaner has no motivation to stay long and take the time to do an exceptional job. They blow through the job to get on to the next one. It IS that simple. Simple human nature.

BUT an owner-operator wants you repeat business, and that of your friends, etc. I'm leaving soon to go do such a job. A move out of a family who was referred to me by a friend of theirs I did some work for at a rental house he owns.And sooner or later this customer will need the carpet cleaned at his new home. That's what made me think to add this post.

Simple human nature.

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Large office carpet cleaning jobs in Charlotte

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by Chip Cline, owner/operator

Though we distinguish ourselves as being a smaller, more personalized operation and want to stay that way, that doesn't mean we're not up to doing the larger carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs in the Charlotte area.

Over the years I've put together a network of fellow owner/operators who, when needed, work for me on large jobs. Usually at least two truck-mounted outfits and as many portables as needed to get the job in a timely fashion. As always I'm on every job working, and overseeing the entire operation.

So a couple of offices or a couple of hundred thousand square feet, give me a call at 704 621 6208 or 704 525 1644. Thanks, Chip.

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Red stain removal from wool rugs

April 30, 2013 by Leave a comment

By: Chip Cline, Cline Services Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte

I'm eagerly awaiting the UPS truck today which will contain a new product to remove red, food based stains (red drinks) from WOOL specifically. Though wool rugs and carpeting are great to have, their make-up limits professional carpet cleaners on the products we can use on tough stains. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you need carpet and/or upholstery cleaning in the greater Charlotte area, feel free to call me directly at 704-621-6208 or 704-525-1644. Thanks, Chip.

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A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Story

April 27, 2013 by Leave a comment

A while back I cleaned the carpet and desk chairs in a large office in Charlotte for the first time. (A call center of approx. 150 people) I asked the manager the following week what kind of response she was getting from the employees. She said she heard over and over as people walked in the door, before seeing anything, comments about how fresh the place smelled. This wasn't because we used a deodorizer, because we didn't. It's because we pulled the pollutants from the carpet and chairs.

Every time someone walks into an office, they bring with them small amounts of pollen, dander, loose hair, smoke, you name it. And with enough people and enough time it adds up. Vacuuming helps, but doesn't remove the embedded soils and pollutants entirely. And I think it's safe to say most cleaning crews don't spend nearly enough time vacuuming.

When you hire Cline Services to clean the carpet and upholstery in your office, you can rest assured we'll take our time, using our powerful equipment and even better attitude, to do the job right. Give me a call and I'll come by your office to give you a free, no obligation quote. Thanks, Chip Cline 704-621-6208 (my personal cell)

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