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Do Carpets Cause Allergies and Respiratory Problems?

Around 30 years ago in Sweden, many authorities came to the conclusion that carpeting in schools and medical facilities caused allergies and respiratory problems and even triggered childhood asthma. Sweden began removing carpets from educational facilities, then medical facilities and other health care related businesses followed suit. Soon afterward, the same thing began to occur in the US in locations like New York and Florida. However, no one had done any actual studies to see if the conclusions that were drawn were true. When follow-up studies were implemented by the Swedish Institute of Fiber and Polymer Research; the Carpet and Rug Institute; and other organizations, the opposite was found to be true. Carpets apparently have a filter-like ability to contain and trap allergens. Carpets reduce dust and allergens which helps to protect indoor air quality. Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the trend now is to install more carpeting in medical and health care facilities. We should only hope that educational facilities do, too!

However, as mentioned in a previous article, the contaminants are still there embedded in the fibers. So, especially if there are children and pets who like to play in the carpets, you really do need a regular cleaning schedule for the area rugs, upholstery, and carpets. Cline Services LLC can handle the job whether you have a health care or medical facility, day care or a house with small children! Your carpets and rugs will last longer and you won’t have to worry about contaminants and allergens in them, either. Cline Services uses steam cleaning—the method preferred by every leading carpet manufacturer—to clean your carpets safely and thoroughly.


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