A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Story

April 27, 2013 by

A while back I cleaned the carpet and desk chairs in a large office in Charlotte for the first time. (A call center of approx. 150 people) I asked the manager the following week what kind of response she was getting from the employees. She said she heard over and over as people walked in the door, before seeing anything, comments about how fresh the place smelled. This wasn't because we used a deodorizer, because we didn't. It's because we pulled the pollutants from the carpet and chairs.

Every time someone walks into an office, they bring with them small amounts of pollen, dander, loose hair, smoke, you name it. And with enough people and enough time it adds up. Vacuuming helps, but doesn't remove the embedded soils and pollutants entirely. And I think it's safe to say most cleaning crews don't spend nearly enough time vacuuming.

When you hire Cline Services to clean the carpet and upholstery in your office, you can rest assured we'll take our time, using our powerful equipment and even better attitude, to do the job right. Give me a call and I'll come by your office to give you a free, no obligation quote. Thanks, Chip Cline 704-621-6208 (my personal cell)

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