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Shoestring Budgets

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Carpet Cleaners on Shoestring Budgets

Have you noticed how many carpet cleaners there are in Charlotte? Not just Charlotte, mind you, but in Huntersville, Cramerton, York, Ft. Mill, Belmont, Davidson, Mint Hill… well, you get the idea. Have you ever wondered why?

Carpet Cleaners Provide a Valuable Service

First of all, carpet cleaners provide a very valuable service. Let’s face it, there is lots of business, too! Most residential properties have carpeting. All of them have upholstery! Carpets, rugs, upholstery and even mattresses need to be cleaned regularly. Manufacturers recommend regular, professional cleaning to prevent wear and tear and to remove toxins and allergens. Plus, once carpets have been cleaned, they look and smell nice!

Residential properties aren’t the only source of business, either. Offices large and small often have carpeting. Commercial carpet cleaning can be very lucrative. Not only do office buildings need to have their carpets cleaned, but so do rental properties, apartment buildings, condos and town homes.

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Bottom Feeders

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Image of chick going Cheap! Cheap!There’s a Crowd at the Bottom

If you’ve done a search lately for Charlotte, NC carpet cleaners, you’ve no doubt found a lot of listings! Same goes for CraigsList. There are a lot of cleaners all shouting the same thing, “Hire us! We’re the cheapest!” Have you noticed how crowded it is at the bottom? If all of these cleaners are doing their level best to show who is cheapest, you have to ask yourself why. As we all know, cheap doesn’t equate to quality. If a business offers a service based solely on the fact that it’s practically given away, then what does that say about the quality of that service? 

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No Need To Over-Saturate

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Why Over-Wet Carpets While Cleaning?

In a previous post, a video showed how easily a certain brand of carpet could be cleaned even after being soiled and trampled by zoo animals for three weeks. Professional cleaners were called in and they used hot water extraction (steam) cleaning to clean the carpets. And clean the carpet they did! However, they used a lot of water during their cleaning and sloshed that water all over the place. Very unprofessional! Now, admittedly, perhaps they needed to use that amount of water to clean elephant dung that had been mashed into carpeting for a three week period, but that detracted from the effectiveness of the video. In your home, Cline Services would never over-wet your carpets!

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Quality over quantity

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When you hear a phrase like “artisan cheese,” “micro-brewery,” “small batch anything,” “designer” or “gourmet,” the first thing that comes to mind is QUALITY. (And OK maybe price, but more on that in a moment.)

So why would you settle for a “fast food type” of carpet cleaner to take care of something as expensive and important as your carpeting? As owner-operator of my company, Cline Services, offering carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Charlotte, NC area, my main objective is personal service to get my customer to call me back again and again. And I keep my prices more than competitive by keeping my overhead low (a home office), using trusted, experienced part time assistants, and buying materials in bulk or special pricing just to name a few. And with twenty years of experience just with my own company, that’s a value you can't put a price on.

And I don’t offer a menu that reads like a book. No tile cleaning, no wood floor cleaning, no flood restoration.

And there’s a phrase I like to use when comparing me to the large companies: When you hire me, you get ME. You’ll know who's coming to your door. Each and every time.

Thanks, Chip Cline.

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Chatty Cleaners

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Did Your Last Carpet Cleaner Talk More
on His Cell Phone Than Clean?

Is there anything more annoying than someone talking on a cell phone in a restaurant? Or perhaps the line at the bank? OK, perhaps most of us have been guilty of one of these at least once, but hopefully most of us don’t take calls all the time. After all, Charlotte, NC is a Southern city and we Southerners supposedly have manners. For some reason, however, small business people in particular tend to take calls everywhere.

Taking Cell Phone Calls Is Not Good Business

While trying to provide good customer service to everyone, a one person shop will often take calls as soon the phone rings. However, by taking calls on the job, is this providing good customer service to the most important person—the current client? Think about it from the customer’s point of view. Wouldn’t you want your carpet cleaning guru to concentrate on the present job rather than trying to multi-task handling questions from other customers or booking appointments? Just how attentive to stains or proper carpet care can someone be if they are chatting on a cell phone? Would you trust them with your upholstery cleaning? Or even to clean a mattress?

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