You can’t go wrong with nylon

July 25, 2012 by

A brief primer on fiber choice.

I'm often asked what's the best fiber to choose for new carpet.  I'm not associated with any retailer so can offer an unbiased opinion.  In a nutshell, the best overall choice for most applications is nylon.  It's the best wearing for a cut-pile among the synthetics, and gives a better color selection in a berber or commercial loop. It cleans very well.

Polypropelyne, also called olefin, is great in a loop for wear and stain resistance.  It is widely available in commercial carpets, berbers, and outdoor carpet. Colors aren't quite as vibrant, and it doesn't do well with oil-based stains. But overall it cleans very well.

Polyester-AVOID TOTALLY.  Though stain resistant, it's wearing properties are horrible.  You get more weight for the money, but when you trade off the fact it will look prematurely worn, it's a bad value in the long run. And you won't find a carpet cleaner who likes cleaning it.

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