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Carpet Cleaners on Shoestring Budgets

Have you noticed how many carpet cleaners there are in Charlotte? Not just Charlotte, mind you, but in Huntersville, Cramerton, York, Ft. Mill, Belmont, Davidson, Mint Hill… well, you get the idea. Have you ever wondered why?

Carpet Cleaners Provide a Valuable Service

First of all, carpet cleaners provide a very valuable service. Let’s face it, there is lots of business, too! Most residential properties have carpeting. All of them have upholstery! Carpets, rugs, upholstery and even mattresses need to be cleaned regularly. Manufacturers recommend regular, professional cleaning to prevent wear and tear and to remove toxins and allergens. Plus, once carpets have been cleaned, they look and smell nice!

Residential properties aren’t the only source of business, either. Offices large and small often have carpeting. Commercial carpet cleaning can be very lucrative. Not only do office buildings need to have their carpets cleaned, but so do rental properties, apartment buildings, condos and town homes.

Where Do All the Carpet Cleaners Come From?

So now you start to see the draw to the carpet cleaning industry. Although there is lots of business, the biggest draw is that it is relatively inexpensive to enter. All you really need to get started is an extractor and a vehicle to transport it. And, unfortunately, that is what is happening in the industry. Many folks are entering carpet cleaning from other industries like home building, construction, remodeling, etc. Most are hard-working folks who have found themselves out of work and want to start a business of their own. They jump into carpet cleaning on a shoestring budget and they have saturated the market. So what, you may ask?

What has happened is that many of these businesses are start-ups and don’t know the craft that well. Since they are operating on shoestring budgets, they are more likely to take shortcuts and could actually damage carpeting if they run into an issue they are not familiar with. Many struggle to make ends meet, therefore slashing their prices. They can’t make a profit, struggle to survive, flounder and then go under.

Quality Carpet Cleaning You Can Trust

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There is nothing wrong with competition, as long as it is quality competition. Quality competition makes the industry better for everyone—including customers. So do your homework before hiring your next carpet cleaning professional. You don’t need to pay for vans with logos and fancy graphics, service people with branded uniforms and the ad campaigns that go with them. On the other hand, you don’t want to go for cut-rate carpet cleaners, either. You’re more than likely going to get what you pay for! Instead, go for a seasoned professional who you can trust. Someone who has worked in the carpet industry and has worked in the carpet cleaning industry for almost 20 years! In other words, someone who isn’t going anywhere. Someone who knows his stuff. Contact Chip Cline of Cline Services, LLC today and get a great deal on your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs!

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