Influenza Hides Everywhere

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lady with fluWhat Could Be Lurking in Your Carpet?

Each fall and winter season brings on the threat of yet another influenza outbreak. Colds, too, are what seem to be an inevitable winter event. Both the common cold and influenza are viruses. They play havoc with your body’s defenses and as a result you feel miserable, run-down, achy and, in a severe case of flu, you could die. In other words, viruses are not something you want to be cavalier about when it comes to prevention. What’s the old saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

How Viruses Are Spread

According to the CDC, viruses are mostly spread by coming into contact with someone who already has the virus. However, viruses can also be spread by infected persons who touch door knobs, furniture, appliances, linens. etc. The flu in particular is hearty enough to remain alive for sometimes up to 48 hours or more! While handshakes, talking close enough to an infected person for droplets to land on your face (yuck!), or being in the vicinity of a sneeze are the main culprits for spreading viruses, you can see that these bugs make their rounds by clinging to surfaces, too. In the case of a sneeze, the droplets can spread several feet and could possibly land on carpeting.

Children and Seniors Are the Most Vulnerable

Children haven’t built up their immune systems to the degree that adults have. Of course, influenza can mutate so rapidly that no one is truly immune to all the strains, but in general healthy adults have a stronger immunity to these bugs. The elderly are also at risk, due to weaker immune systems. So, if you have a household of children and/or senior adults, you should take as many precautions as possible to prevent colds and flu. Nothing can guarantee you and your family will avoid getting sick, but you will lessen the odds of contracting a bug with common sense, proactive steps.

Keep It Clean!

  1. The most important step is to wash your hands. Thorough hand washing can kill the germs and keep you from spreading to others if you already have come down with something.
  2. Another step to take is to wipe down countertops, door knobs and light switches. Also wipe down microwaves and other kitchen appliances; keyboards, trackpads, cell phones, and other computer-related devices; and anything else where multiple members of the family or workplace are likely to touch.
  3. Wash those linens. If someone in your family comes down with a cough, runny nose or starts sneezing, wash their linens to keep the germs from overwhelming their immune system at nighttime.

These are all very good ways to keep the flu and colds under control. However, there are more steps you can take. How about having your carpets professionally cleaned? Steam cleaning will kill those bugs so no one will contract anything from them. Think about how often children play on rugs and carpets. Pets, too, could possibly lie in an infected area and spread it through the house. Your body uses heat (fever) to kill viruses, so you know these bugs cannot handle steam! Cline Services can not only steam clean your carpets, but also your upholstery and even your mattresses! Contact Chip today for that ounce of prevention.

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