Empty properties and owner-operated carpet cleaners

June 1, 2013 by

You may ask- "What difference does it make when having carpet cleaned in 'just a rental property' if I use a big company or an owner-operated company?"

Answer: motivation. If you're using someone employed by a large company you're having someone come to the house or building who is working on commission- a basic commission. Commissioned cleaners make their money on UPSALES. That's why when they are in your house or place of business they are always pointing out ways to run up the bill. (Many companies work this way as a way to motivate employees to run up the tab. Ever taken your car in for an oil change without them finding something else that needs to be purchased? And a good wait staff at a restaurant will always push for more to increase the tip)

My point is, if you are moving from a house, or have a rental that needs to be cleaned, and there's little or no chance for upsales (landlord's rarely buy carpet protector because they're just going to clean it again when the tenant moves out) the commissioned carpet cleaner has no motivation to stay long and take the time to do an exceptional job. They blow through the job to get on to the next one. It IS that simple. Simple human nature.

BUT an owner-operator wants you repeat business, and that of your friends, etc. I'm leaving soon to go do such a job. A move out of a family who was referred to me by a friend of theirs I did some work for at a rental house he owns.And sooner or later this customer will need the carpet cleaned at his new home. That's what made me think to add this post.

Simple human nature.

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