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Video Proves Superior Carpet Cleaning Method

February 22, 2013 by 1 comment

Video Proves Which Cleaning Method
Carpet Manufacturer’s Prefer

Have you seen this video? Mohawk Carpeting made a video touting their new SmartStrand carpets. They laid down carpet in the pens of several zoo animals at the Dallas Zoo—elephants, rhinos and camels—and let the animals do what they naturally do. Yes, that means urinate, defecate, trample and track in mud and dirt onto the carpets. And they did it for three weeks! You can imagine how ruined a carpet would be with a pachyderm putting its full weight onto it over a three week period. Of course, rhinos and camels are no lightweights, either! Not only did the animals trample the carpets, they trampled their waste into them, too. The zookeepers didn’t think the carpets would stand a chance of ever getting cleaned. Thus, the Mohawk Zoo Challenge!

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Idle Rentals Need Carpets Cleaned

February 19, 2013 by Leave a comment

House with For Rent sign in frontCharlotte Rental Property Sitting Idle?

Everyone knows times are tough but it looks like the Charlotte area is beginning to see some much-needed action on the home sales and rental property movement fronts. After years of it being a “buyer’s market,” it looks like things are finally starting to level out. Sellers are getting their fair share again! While this is certainly good news for home owners and realtors trying to move these properties, what about the rentals? If you are a Charlotte area rental property owner, developer or seller, have you been letting your properties sit idle during the last few years? It’s time to spruce them up so you can move them! If rentals have been sitting idle for some time, they can collect dust on the carpets, even if no one has been tracking dirt or otherwise messing up the place.

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Mattress Cleaning

February 13, 2013 by 2 comments

Mattress on carpetCline Services Offers Mattress Cleaning!

In addition to offering carpet and rug cleaning to Charlotte and vicinity customers and commercial enterprises, Cline Services also cleans upholstery. If you think about it, mattresses could could count as upholstery, too! So…Cline Services cleans mattresses!

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Steam the Sweat Out

February 8, 2013 by Leave a comment

Sticking with that New Year’s Resolution?

Guy working out image

Wishful thinking

New Year’s Eve. You have a little bubbly—ok, a lot of bubbly—and you resolve to get back in shape this year. Yeah, really this time! An infomercial comes on TV telling you that you can get in the best shape of your life by ordering NOW! You whip out that credit card and order your exercise DVDs. Hey, they’re even throwing in FREE shipping! In 10–14 days, you receive your program in the mail. Woohoo! Time to get ripped! Where to exercise, though? Need to be near a TV or monitor of some sort, but also need some room to move. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have some carpeting underfoot so as not to jar the joints too much. Ah, the rec room is perfect!

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Now Accepting Visa and MasterCard

February 1, 2013 by Leave a comment

Cline Services Now Accepts Visa and
MasterCard for Your Convenience

Visa and MasterCard logosYour child has returned home from preschool. She is excited about her day and chatters with you non-stop. You kindly engage the bundle of energy and pour her a glass of her favorite drink. What’s that? Oh, the phone. Better get that. Your little darling still wants to chat but you can’t talk to her and whoever is on the phone at the same time, so you shoo her away. After hanging up the phone, you call for her. Sheepishly, your once chatty little darling comes in with her pouty face. And she is coming from the living room. Oh, no! The very place where you’ve told her a thousand times not to go with food or drink! Your child just spilled an entire glass of Kool-Aid on your living room carpet!

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